October 3-4, 2015

ECET2 Denver is all about teacher empowerment and voice. Join us.

Teaching is the hardest and best job in the world. The people who work in education are some of the most inspirational people to know. We want to elevate and celebrate these amazing people!

Our ECET2 convening in Denver will bring teachers together to celebrate the work they do and inspire them to make change. We are looking for game-changing teachers that think outside the box and love to share their ideas.

Do you fit the bill?


Are you passionate about teaching? Are you a game changer at your school? Do you have the power to make a difference? These are the qualities we are looking for in participants at our ECET2 convening.

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Breakout Sessions

Get ready to share and develop your ideas in education with other Colorado teachers. Teachers will host breakout sessions that will give others context, conversation, but most of all, inspiration.

Colleague Circles

Colleague Circles are a time for teachers to get together and problem solve. Giving teachers the opportunity to discuss, share, and take action on day to day problems in education.

TED Talks

Have you ever seen a TED Talk that inspired you to do better? The goal of the teacher TED Talks is to find the inspiration within our own group of teachers and share this with each other.