About ECET2 Denver

Come use your voice.

ECET2 Denver is all about teacher empowerment and voice. Participants will be shaping our program from its very inception. YOU will be voting on the top convening goals. YOU will be selecting the sessions. YOU can even lead the session. Come use your voice.

Participants will be voting on the following goals for the convening: 

Put the TEACH Back in Teaching
Exploring the impact of global learning on the achievement and engagement of all students.

Finding a Spot at the Table
Impacting education policy from within the four walls of your classroom.

Culture, Equity and Technology
How does your teaching reflect the work you do for those you serve. (Connect with the Culture, Equity, and Tech piece)

Putting the LEAD in Teacher Leadership
Identifying the barriers, creating solutions, and discussing effective leadership in schools.

Anything but STANDARDized
Finding creative solutions to standards based education and implementation.