Breakout Sessions

Chosen teachers will host Breakout Sessions throughout the day.

We are searching for teachers that are ready to share and develop their ideas in education with other Colorado teachers. Throughout day one, chosen teachers will host breakout sessions that will give other teachers context, conversation, but most of all, inspiration. Possible topics listed below.

Possible Breakout Sessions

What else could you teach other educators?

Put the TEACH Back in Teaching

Exploring the impact of global learning on the achievement and engagement of all students.

My SPECIALty is my students: Creating an environment for students with special needs that highlights their strengths and teaches valuable skills

Pose a question to the Posner Center: Learn about what ways you and your students can partner with local nonprofits who are affecting change around the world.

Ah-ah-ah-ah-Stayin’ Alive! How do you stay in the classroom without burning yourself out? This session will include examples of how teachers can work smarter not harder while incorporating community resources to make their classroom a better place.

Putting the LEAD in Teacher Leadership

Identifying the barriers, creating solutions, and discussing effective leadership in schools.

Do I Have to Climb to the Top of the Ladder? Exploring the stories of successful teacher leaders who have managed to stay in the classroom and lead the charge without stepping out of the classroom.

Leading Effective Learning Opportunities for Adults: Learn the basics of crafting an engaging professional development opportunity for adult learners. From crafting an objective to planning and practice.

Finding a Spot at the Table

Impacting education policy from within the four walls of your classroom.

Holler Back: This session will equip teachers by guiding them through what  it takes to stand in front of groups (politicians, lobbyists, policy leaders) and craft a compelling narrative that will help non-education professionals understand their experience in the classroom.

Does Anyone have my Back? This session will introduce teachers to local organizations (Stand for Children, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, America Achieves, Colorado Children’s Campaign, etc.) that are working to empower teachers to speak up and advocate for themselves and their students.

Culture, Equity and Technology

How does your teaching reflect those you serve?

Do I Know what I Don’t Know? How much do you know about your students? How much you do you know about yourself? This breakout Teachers will explore how much they really know about their students and what’s important to them and explore ways in which students can inform the way in which content is delivered.

Change Agents Wanted: This session is for educators who want to being to explore their classrooms as a space for social change that responds to student and societal promotion of inequity and fosters positive community, transformational change and personal growth.

Anything but STANDARDized

Finding creative solutions to standards based education and implementation.

“I just taught the best lesson!” And other things we’d love for teachers to say everyday. This session will allow participants to create and brainstorm their own unit plans using standards that highlight student interests as well as their own.

Setting the Stage: Changing the environment in your school or classroom that gives time for project-based learning. Participants will hear examples of school-wide as well as classroom-based versions of project based learning, and how they set the stage for growth.

PARCC yourself right here: How do I prepare my students for PARCC testing? Teachers will share and discuss strategies to prepare students for PARCC tests without losing the joy factor, flow, and creativity of their classrooms.