Colleague Circles

A time for teachers to get together and problem solve.

Colleague circles are a time for teachers to get together and problem solve. With so many amazing teachers, we will have the power to harness ideas and change education. Colleague circles give educators the opportunity to discuss, share, and take action on day to day problems in education.

Possible Colleague Circles

What else could you teach other educators?

Let's Talk About Race

Race is front and center of current events. Are you talking about it in your classroom? or Are you shying away from the elephant in the room?

All Grade Levels, All Content

Why do we have to PARCC?

PARCC testing has been a controversial discussion as it has now been piloted all over the country. What challenges are arising because of PARCC testing? What has changed with the onset of PARCC assessments?

Grade 3-12, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Let’s Talk ELLs

Do you teach ELLs? Come and discuss the trials, tribulations, and joys of teaching second language learners.

All Grade Levels, All Content

Why Does Global Learning Matter?

Calling all world explorers! In this colleague circle we will discuss the impacts that global learning has for all learners. We will investigate what global learning is, and what challenges we might face when implementing global learning.

All Grade Levels, All Content

SB 191- Evaluations, Tenure, and More!

Let’s talk teacher evaluations and policy. What do you know about SB 191 and what has your experience been with teacher evaluations?

All Grade Levels, All Content

Can anybody hear me?

Do you feel like you have a lot to say, but no one listens? Being a leader in a building where you are not the administrator can sometimes be tricky. How can you be a leader from your classroom, without being an administrator? How can you let your leadership skills shine through, so that your voice is being heard?

All Grade Levels, All Content

STEM in Action

STEM is a buzzword in education. What do you know about STEM? What are you doing in your classroom that promotes student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math?

All Grade Levels, All Content

Beyond IEPs

Spend all your time writing IEPs? Wish you could talk about strategies and challenges for your kiddos with other educators? This session will explore special education beyond the writing of the IEP’s. We will discuss how to provide quality education for ALL learners, and challenges that might arise when doing this.

All Grade Levels, All Content

Common Core and More...

Colorado is well on its way with implementing the CCSS and the new CAS. What has or hasn’t changed about your instruction?

All Grade Levels, All Content